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14. Distanzritt auf Osonjiva

SONY DSC20. – 21. Juni auf der Jagdfarm Osonjiva

Die Gastgeber Sylvia Janbey und Thinus van Rensburg hatten ihre Farm für diesen CEI ** Ritt von Donnerstag bis Sonntag zur Verfügung gestellt. Das bedeutet neben den üblichen Vorbereitungen, viele der eigenen Tiere bewegen und anderweitig unterbringen.

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Meanwhile in Namibia – Derweil in Namibia



Hier ein paar Tips für alle, die gerade erst nach Namibia, bzw. Windhoek gezogen sind und ein wenig bleiben werden. Dinge, die ich längst wissen  sollte, aber gerade erst wieder falsch gemacht habe.

  1. Angestellte werden hier am Monatsende bezahlt.

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San Düne ride on May 17, 2014


had invited to

San Düne ride on May 17, 2014

This was my 13th ride and it went really well, not just because I had lost count and didn’t know it was No 13.

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Wettkampf um Schnelligkeit und Ausdauer – Distanzritt auf Osonjiva


SONY DSCDer Okanjande-Reitklub hatte Anfang Juni auf die Jagd Farm Osonjiva zu einem zweitägigen Distanzritt eingeladen. Von Walvis Bay, Tsumeb, Grootfontein und Outjo bis Oshakati sind die begeisterten Reiter angereist. Insgesamt starteten 86 Reiter mit ihren Pferden im Wettkampf um Schnelligkeit und Ausdauer. Der Distanzritt wurde über zwei Tage abgehalten und viele nutzten die Gelegenheit,

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Katjapia Ride 1 October 2011

logo - WERC

Katjapia Ride was the second endurance ride in my life and the last ride of the year. After this ride most of the endurance horses will begin their well deserved holidays. Before the rainy season starts they will be vaccinated against African Horse Sickness and other nasties and cannot be ridden for up to six weeks.

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Meanwhile in Namibia

… these posts will be alternated with endurance riding post, so nobody gets bored 😎


Two mornings after my first endurance ride …

By Monday my thigh muscles were sore beyond anything I could remember. I was determined never to suffer like this again on another ride and began to work on my own fitness.

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Independence spelt wrong: a symbol for the many things wrong in Namibia

… 24 years after independence. One incident among many bringing shame to the government and all it stands for or rather the lack of it. Are they able to feel shame at all or are they too full of themselves?

1. There are no or very low standards for any type of work or service throughout the country.

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One important name has been overlooked …

…  as name changes in Namibia continue

Recently many names in Namibia have been changed by the government. Streets, places even towns were up for a name change. The idea behind all this is to get rid of names from colonial times. Uhland street, named after a poet is now Dr.

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Last week somewhere in Namibia

We were travelling around the country. On this morning we were sitting in the lapa of a nice B&B having breakfast. The waitress was busy cooking our eggs. Frequently, she picked up her cell phone and started texting. Over the past weeks I had been amazed how closely people all over Namibia were attached to their cell phones.

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Malawian president backs women in trousers after attacks

President Bingu wa Mutharika (file image)
President Mutharika says women in Malawi are free to wear what they want
Malawi’s president says he has ordered police to arrest anyone who attacks women for wearing trousers in public. President Bingu wa Mutharika spoke out on national radio after several women were beaten and stripped on the street for wearing non-traditional dress.

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