Blood Moon

Blood MoonThe sequel to The River That Saved Me is ready for you!

Blood Moon will take you on an adventure trip into the African bush filled with blood and gore but also friendship and love – but you do not need to suffer from the dust, heat and blood sucking insects, it only feels that way.

Tess Steenblock returns to Kenya to work for a high-end tour operator and accompany clients on safaris throughout Kenya. Underneath the glossy brochures and luxury lodges lies another world. Her work as a tour guide and photographer brings her face to face with the brutality of poaching, the heat and the dust, the death of animals and people. Tess decides to fight back and is determined to throw a spanner into the well greased machine of international poaching. Her path crosses with high ranking politicians and poor, ragged poachers. She faces corruption and greed for power that stop at nothing. The trail leads her to Dubai where she uncovers the connections they use to smuggle ivory and rhino horn out of Kenya into Dubai.

The rape of a young woman who trusted her and the brutal murder of a friend are burdens she has to learn to live with. Tess has come very close to finding the heads of this organized poaching ring, but now she is desperate and feels nearly crushed by guilt over the suffering and even death she has caused. Finally Tess turns her rage and frustration into determination that help her to carry on. Whom can she still trust? The violent showdown occurs during the night of the ‘Blood Moon’ which many believe to be a bad omen. Will it be a good or bad omen for Tess?

It would be wonderful to have feedback through my website blog or even a review. Give away short stories will be sent as .pdf files to the first five reviewers!!!

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2 comments on “Blood Moon
  1. Avatar Kara Benson says:

    If you have read Blood Moon, I would appreciate an honest feedback.

  2. A highly commendable book both as a suspense novel and an investigative account and analyses of the destruction of Africa’s elephants and rhinoceros. Kara Benson has succeeded in combining her talent as a fiction writer with her experience in journalism to create a book which flows seamlessly between fictional suspense and the reality of the multitude of horrors that accompany the illicit trade in elephant tusks and rhinoceros horn. In exposing the corruption and greed which allows the slaughter to continue in spite of worldwide protest, the author has taken a personal risk for which she deserves recognition from all who want an end this disgraceful trade.

    Kara’s extensive experience and love of Sub Sahara Africa is evidenced by her skill in bringing to the reader the unique sights, smells, tastes and dangers of the real Africa which exists beyond the security of the tourist safari. This book wins both as a well constructed thriller and as an expose of one of humankind’s most heinous crimes.

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