Children’s Stories

These stories describe the lives of children in today’s Zimbabwe.

Each story opens a window into another world.

2-Kariba ele-web

Elephant at Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe


A Day with Chiedza

Describes Chiedza’s life  in the SOS Children’s Village for orphans in Harare. Follow Chiedza  for a day and see how she lives, studies and plays with her friends.

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Corner Shop Boy The Corner Shop Boy

Tonderai is a young boy who has to make ends meet and earn money for his school fees. Meet Tonderai and his friends and see that these children are full of energy and laughter and are determined to make their way in life despite the odds they have to face in a country in crisis.

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houseboat_Kariba Houseboat Holiday at Lake Kariba

This story is about a holiday in Zimbabwe,  filled with adventure and some crocodiles of course.

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???????????????????????????????Harry Goes Overboard

The story is set on the Pacific coast in Australia. Harry loves the ocean, but fears sharks … still he overcomes his fears and jumped in with a little unexpected help.

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GliderFly Like A Bird

takes you high into the sky over the Pacific Ocean in Australia … you will soar up, feeling free like an eagle and fly like a bird

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