A Day With Chiedza From Zimbabwe

A Day with Chiedza from Zimbabwe is a 2,439 word story about Chiedza who lives in the SOS Children’s village in Harare. You will accompany Chiedza through a normal day in her life, meet her friends, her teacher and share her hopes for the future.Chiedza

Extract from A day with Chiedza and her friends from Zimbabwe

Chiedza is eleven years old and lives in the SOS Children’s Village in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. Her village is special because it is for children who have lost their mothers and fathers. It is for children who are orphans like Chiedza. Her friends Thelma, Febbie and Nyasha are also orphans and live in the other houses of the village. Chiedza also has a friend who does not live in the village. Her name is Nobusiswa but everybody calls her Nono. Nono lives with her parents, a brother and a sister in a nice house nearby. Not all the children have African names some have English names like Talent or Gift. Many names such as Nyasha can be used for a boy or a girl. So you will have to meet the person, to know if it is a girl or a boy

What does your village look like? Our village has 15 houses. They are all made from bricks and have tile roofs. All houses have a name. Most of them have the name of an African tree and this tree is painted on the front of the house. This helps the little children who cannot read to find their home. I live in the Matombo House which means rock and three rocks sitting on top of each other are painted over the main entrance. In Zimbabwe we have a lot of huge rocks or boulders and many sit on top of each other like the painting on my house. All the other houses have tree names, like Nyasha’s house which is called the Muuyu House. Muuyu means Baobab. Febbie lives in the Jacaranda House. We have many trees and flowers in our village, it is a nice village. Between the houses there are lawns with trees and footpaths so we can walk to the other houses. Each house has a vegetable garden. We grow cabbage, onions, peas, beans and tomatoes and maize. I like helping my mother in the garden, but Gift doesn’t like it at all. The only work he does is washing the dishes. We also have fruit trees like orange, lemon, mango and guava. Some houses have mulberry trees. I like mulberries because they are so sweet.

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[NOTE: This story has been published under ‘First Australian Rights’ by The School Magazine of NSW, Australia.]

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