Fly Like a Bird

A young boy in Australia turns a boring weekend into excitement! Follow him high into the skies over the Pacific Ocean and share in his joy of being able to fly like a bird – even if he has to come down eventually, but landing is part of the game. Beware, this kind of flying will get you hooked easily!

This story of 2,048 words is not only fun for kids, but for all those who are young and daring at heart.

GliderExtract from Fly Like a Bird

When he hooked my harness into the safety and back-up hooks, my knees felt a bit wobbly from the excitement. Then I had to lie flat on the grass, so I could feel how I’d hang in the harness under the glider. For take-off I had to stand slightly behind and to the side of Tony, holding onto his harness with both hands, so he could feel my thumbs there.

“Look at the horizon when we take off!”

This was for real.

“Run with me,” Tony called out. “One, two, three!”

And we ran; one, two, three steps and we were up in the air. It happened so fast, I never saw the cliff fall away below us. The flying turned out to be not scary at all. It was fantastic. It felt natural to swoop above the steep cliffs and see the tiny bodies of people on the rocks below. I could look down into the clear water, and gaze to the freighters anchored further out at sea.

“How far can we fly out over the ocean?”

“Look at this cliff here, then imagine you flip it over flat on the ocean. That’s how far we can go out. Here the cliffs are roughly 60 m high so we can fly out to sea about the same distance, but no more because the up-drift stops.”

I looked ahead and saw another glider doing a turn and coming back.

“Always keep an eye out for the other gliders. Traffic rules apply here too. We have to give way to the ones flying in front of us, because they can’t see us.

Tony pushed the bar a bit outwards and we went up higher, away from the other glider. He flew past us on our right. When I checked our left side, the houses on the foreshore zipped past. We seemed to be going quite fast. Good thing I had sunnys on.

“Would you like to fly the glider yourself?” Tony asked.”

“What? Yeah, sure.” This kept getting better all the time …

Fly like a birdTo read the rest of the story, use the purchase link below.

Fly Like a Bird Is available for download as .pdf

[NOTE: This story has been published under ‘First Australian Rights’ by ‘The School Magazine of NSW, Australia’ in March 2014.]

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