Harry Goes Overboard

Take the plunge and jump into the Pacific Ocean with Harry, never mind the sharks. See how a young boy overcomes his fear of the unkown deep and sharks – with help coming from an unexpected side!

This story of 2,000 words takes you under and into the waters off the Eastern coast of Australia where sharks and other ocean creatures live.

 Harry Goes OverboardExtract from Harry Goes Overboard

The waves breaking at the bar looked huge and he decided to sit on the bunk behind the steering cabin. Harry knew that the skipper wouldn’t go out there if it wasn’t safe. Laughing and swaying, Corey made his way to the stern of the boat where he was casually leaning at the railing. Harry felt the lump in his throat growing, even though he wasn’t scared. The rolling motion of the boat increased, as they passed the fish co-op. When the rocking increased even further, he knew that they were going across the bar. After this the ride became smoother and they picked up speed on the open ocean. Strangely, the lump had moved from his throat into his stomach, spreading an unpleasant sensation. Harry burped and realized to his horror that he was seasick. He took deep breaths and hoped he wouldn’t vomit all over the deck or into the milk crates crammed with flippers.

After some time the skipper cut the engine and lowered the anchor. The boat kept rocking on the swell and Harry had to swallow a few times. Suzanne, the marine biologist, briefed them on safety in the water. ‘You cannot go into the water without a buddy! Stay close to each other at all times.’ She began to pair all the people on board. To his horror Harry ended up being paired with Corey!

‘Harry, are you not well?’ Suzanne was looking at him.‘I feel a bit sick.’ He saw Corey adjusting his mask. ‘Often it gets better in the water. Try to focus on something on land for a moment,’ she said. Harry wished he was far away, anywhere except on this boat. He realized that Corey wouldn’t get to go in the water, if he didn’t pull himself together. All the others were already in the water. Harry got up, swaying just a little. ‘I’ll give it go.’ ‘Alright, cool,’ Corey put on his flippers and jumped into the water. Harry grabbed his mask and sitting on the ladder, he put on his flippers, popped the snorkel in his mouth and plunged into the water.

Within a split second, he had entered another world. Beamed down like in a sci-fi movie, except this was all for real.

Harry Goes Overboard

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[NOTE: This story has been published under ‘First Australian Rights’ by ‘The School Magazine of NSW, Australia’.]

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