Independence spelt wrong: a symbol for the many things wrong in Namibia

… 24 years after independence. One incident among many bringing shame to the government and all it stands for or rather the lack of it. Are they able to feel shame at all or are they too full of themselves?

1. There are no or very low standards for any type of work or service throughout the country. Merrily hosting a banner and nobody there to do just a simple spell check?

2. Why? There is nobody who is brave enough to demand any standards.


3. Symbols of old colonial powers are removed only to be replaced by the new symbols of the new colonial powers from Asia.

4. How are the poorest people faring in this country of the brave? Do they have adequate housing or is that only an issue for members of parliament as it is clearly stated in the NAMIBIAN of 27 March? Dignified housing only for the so-called leaders? How is their performance? Do they deliver? Have they improved the lives of the poor and disadvantaged?

5. How is the health care for the population? Katutura hospital is in severe decay while on the other side of the street millions are spent on a new building for SWAPO. Women in police uniforms steal medicine from the hospital, schools in rural areas are ill equipped, lacking proper teachers … the list goes on and on.

6. Final question: In which areas has the general population experienced real improvement since independence?

Independence Day Banner


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One comment on “Independence spelt wrong: a symbol for the many things wrong in Namibia
  1. Avatar Jonathan says:

    Well this is not really surprising… Sad to say!

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