A Morning in Nyanga

Nyanga pointed rock“Lions?” his accent is sometimes a bit strong with English being his second language and it had sounded more like ‘rionses’. “Yes, lions from the National Park,” John said. “Oh, how long ago was that?” Now I needed to know. Asking for specific time periods can be a tricky business in Africa where people have a totally different time concept than most Europeans. At the beginning of January however, Christmas is still a good ‘time mark’. He tilted his head a little. “Not too long before Christmas,” he said after a moment. “There are so many tracks the villagers use,” I said, “do they still walk there?” “Yes, sure they walk there,” John nodded. “That’s good enough for me,” I replied and reached for my hat. “There might be some rain,” John looked slightly worried, “you’re not going too long then?” “No, I’ll be back within an hour.”

To read the rest of this story watch out for the Independent Author Index Short Story Compilation, Volume 7. To check out previous compilations, check out the Independent Author Index Short Story Compilation, Volume 7.

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