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With Asjas at the start – San Dune 2014

I found this packing list very useful over the last week before an endurance ride and put it somewhere in the house where I’m bound to see it often. Some things like batteries need charging, at one time we forgot our chairs, next time something else … so this helps to make sure all is on board when you’re leaving for your next ride. Over time you will adapt this to your specific needs for endurance rides in your country. Lekker ry!


E ndurance ride packing list

For the horse:

Saddle and 2 pads 1 extra pad
Saddlebag: gloves, sunnies, mints, trail sponge, hoof pick in rag, extra lead rope, is attached to saddle
Bridle 1 extra set of reins
Saddle rack with towels, + cooler towel Large plastic containers
Grooming box with brushes, sponges Empty feedbags
3 buckets with lids  Fly spray, ointments, vaseline, stuff that’s in the grooming box
Slosh bottles, 3-5  
Hay net, filled Electrolytes
1 Hay bale, 1/2 Lucerne bale First Aid kit for equines
Enduro feed for 2 days Carrots, bulk bag
   pliers that can pull thorns out of a hoof
Water bottles Mini cool box to store snacks
Camelbak Tea box with thermos, tea +coffee
Raisins, apples, bananas, muesli bar Muscle cooling cream
Bottles with drinking water Sun screen
Aspirin MP3 player

Clothes                                                                 Papers

Helmet Horse passport
Riding pants Horse box papers
Long sleeved shirt Rider’s Book
Socks Proof membership club
Undies Proof of payment for endurance ride
Riding shoes Directions to ride venue
Extra set (in Bakkie) Camping
Glooves, sunnies 2 Camp lights; 1 torch; 1 headlamp
Cooling vest + hat        camp chairs; camp table
Bippie Gas cooker
Tackies Breakfast things
Flip flops Tent, mattresses, bedding
Clean pants + shirt for evening Rake, spade
Shorts, swimmers Binoculars, camera + battery

   Don’t forget the horse J

Further reading – good site for information about endurance riding: http://www.olddominionrides.org/EndurancePrimer/01.html


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  1. Avatar Vicki Butler says:

    Very organized, just what I would expect of you & Clemens would make a great pack horse, hehe !!

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