Rio Tinto, a promise and perpetuity?

existing mine

Existing mine

What do these words bring to your mind? They imply important and wise things. However, in combination with Rio Tinto, sadly they stand for things like contradiction, lies and betrayal.

Reading the Sydney Morning Herald on March 5 we learn that Rio Tinto wins the nod for the controversial Warkworth coal mine near Bulga in the Upper Hunter Valley in NSW Australia.

In 2003 Rio Tinto promised to protect in perpetuity the woodlands in the Upper Hunter Valley to offset the losses caused by the existing mine. These very same woodlands will be destroyed with the extension of the mine.

Obviously for Rio Tinto perpetuity does not mean forever but only a few years and a promise is merely a tool to achieve business goals. Naturally, Rio Tinto does not believe in perpetuity at all or they could not continue the way they operate, namely causing long lasting destruction wherever governments do not stop them or do not enforce them to keep their promises.

The coal shipped overseas will be burnt somewhere on this planet and aggravate our existing environmental problems. We need long term solutions serving all people, not short term profit solutions serving Rio Tinto and friends. Jobs for a few hundred people for a few years are a slap in the face of any normally intelligent person in view of the perpetuity of the destruction and environmental damage Rio Tinto creates for all of us.

Selling off Australia has to be stopped!

We cannot afford to continue with our arrogant and smug titanic attitude that our planet is indestructible.



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