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Meanwhile in Namibia – Derweil in Namibia



Hier ein paar Tips für alle, die gerade erst nach Namibia, bzw. Windhoek gezogen sind und ein wenig bleiben werden. Dinge, die ich längst wissen  sollte, aber gerade erst wieder falsch gemacht habe.

  1. Angestellte werden hier am Monatsende bezahlt.

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Meanwhile in Namibia

… these posts will be alternated with endurance riding post, so nobody gets bored 😎


Two mornings after my first endurance ride …

By Monday my thigh muscles were sore beyond anything I could remember. I was determined never to suffer like this again on another ride and began to work on my own fitness.

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Last week somewhere in Namibia

We were travelling around the country. On this morning we were sitting in the lapa of a nice B&B having breakfast. The waitress was busy cooking our eggs. Frequently, she picked up her cell phone and started texting. Over the past weeks I had been amazed how closely people all over Namibia were attached to their cell phones.

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