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Last week somewhere in Namibia

We were travelling around the country. On this morning we were sitting in the lapa of a nice B&B having breakfast. The waitress was busy cooking our eggs. Frequently, she picked up her cell phone and started texting. Over the past weeks I had been amazed how closely people all over Namibia were attached to their cell phones.

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My first ever endurance ride

After only a few training rides with Sprite the date for my first endurance ride drew closer and with it my nervousness. Much later I found out that this is rather normal and all the build up of adrenalin is quite useful during the actual ride. As my rides with Raik on his Sham El Manne and me on Sprite had been only 12 to 16 km long I was really worried if I would last the distance of 36 km at Okahandja.

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Endurance riding – an adventure not only for young people …

This is my first blog post about endurance riding. The following posts will continue my journey into this sport.

A journey into what you can achieve – not just for horse lovers and

– a journey through Namibia – not always on horseback


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