Sasa Safari Camp – south of Outjo

Sign on Kalkfeld Road
Sign on Kalkfeld Road

For more than three years we have been coming back to this lovely family operated and owned lodge. On our field trips in northern Namibia we always take a short break here before heading back to Windhoek. Sasa Safari Camp is not for those who seek crystal glasses or marble bathrooms with designer toiletteries. These silly items push up the prices and are environmentally backward. What you will find here is a well appointed camping ground, several bungalows and beautiful rooms up near the main house. The rooms are lovely and you will find everything you need. Hot water is provided from the traditional wood-fired donkey, electricity is partly solar powered and this will be increased next year. There is wireless internet in the rooms and on main verandah.


Braai and pool at the verandah

You can really have a proper swim in the large sparkling pool. A few steps down from the verandah you will find a secluded garden with chairs and hammocks to unwind, read a book or watch the little duiker antelopes drink from the water basin. Diner time is a real treat with Donsie, the young owner, busy at the braai (BBQ) himself. Loads of grilled meat, perfectly cooked vegetables and fresh salads will please your taste buds. Various beers, soft drinks and a good selection of wines will make your evenings around the fire memorable while you watch the moon rise over the plains.

During daytime you can explore the sandstone cliffs and follow a marked hiking trail up onto the cliff top and gaze over the expanse of the bushland below. Sasa Safaris are located just south of Outjo and you can easily travel to Etosha National Park from here within half an hour. If you wish to leave at five in the morning, Donsie will rise at four to fire up the Donkey so you can enjoy a hot shower.

Floe tiny

Singing with Floe

During our  four years in Namibia, I have seen many lodges on our working tours, holidays and my horse riding trips. This one is truly one of my favourites because of the friendly and peaceful atmosphere. The price/performance ratio is right, meaning that you get value for your money. Many places in Namibia are totally overpriced, because they can get away with it. At Donsie’s place you can camp or get a room to suit your budget. It is a personal choice as I prefer smaller lodges where you are not treated like a number. The two Jack Russell dogs and the pretty little cat will be the very first to greet you. They might accompany you on your hiking trip and make sure you get back to the lodge safely. There is no stupid barking at night, and as it must stay that way you cannot bring your own dog or cat. Just bring the rest of your family and enjoy true Namibian hospitality.


Room near the main house and verandah

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