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Wabi – a lodge to avoid

At Wabi Game lodge near Waterberg, the clients must fit in with the strict regime they run there. Strange enough, still people come to stay. They are mostly German speaking, always on a pre-booked tour, placed into Wabi by their tour operators. Without their strategic location between Etosha and Windhoek, they’d soon run out of clients.

You only have a four hour slot during which you may arrive: 14.00 – 18.00

From 12.00 – 14.00 the gate is shut!!!!! How very customer friendly. They say they are busy serving lunch, but one guest who rang the bell persistently and waited for 30 minutes (!!) could not even get a cup of coffee at 12.30 as all the staff was off!!! No lunch was being served.

Check out is 10.00 and check in is 14.00, like in a big hotel even though there are only 8 bungalows.

The entire area is fully enclosed with electric fences. You cannot leave the premises on foot or by car. If you wish to go for a walk, you need to book a guide and it will cost you between 40 and 50 Euros per person. They claim it is to protect you from wild animals. Fact is that your guide does not carry a rifle, so there are no dangerous animals. They do have rhinos which are fed at the dam together with 3 hippos, you can watch this for 55 Euros. A guide who does not carry a rifle, cannot protect you from dangerous animals. Anybody who has been on a foot safari knows that. So this is another rip off, to get money out of your pockets.

Dinner is at 20.00 and they may serve it at 19.30 if you ask. The majority of the older tourists all would prefer to dine earlier, but those are the rules. Should you complain about anything with the food, the hostess will set you straight the next morning. So better keep quiet.

You have one hour slot for breakfast. 7.30 to 8.30. Too late for people who want an early start and only one hour is ridiculous. At other lodges breakfast starts from 6.00 or 6.30 at least.

Personally, I cannot recommend a visit to this lodge at all, especially as they are not really located on the Waterberg but rather at the lower tail end of it.

For a lovely place to stay on the Waterberg, check out the Waterberg Wilderness Lodge where you have a choice between tent, cottage or house.

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