Waterberg Wilderness Lodge – English

WWLOne of the few places in Namibia where you can experience the thrill of  stalking rhino on foot.

After we left Wabi lodge and the very negative experience there behind, we visited the Waterberg Wilderness Lodge and they are fantastic. They have two lodge sites and two camp sites. There are plenty of walk ways for you to explore and wander around, without having to pay. For those on a budget, you can stay on the lower or upper camp ground. The old farm homestead has a shady bamboo grove and lovely swimming pool fed by mineral springs. If you are after a mind blowing view, stay in one of the cottages on the  hill top lodge, though up there you might get a lot of wind and certainly heat during summer. From here, you can walk up to the top of the Waterberg. Here you must go with a professional guide and they do carry a rifle to chase off rhino, should they come too close.

Rhino tiny

Waterberg Wilderness Lodge also has some interesting family history. The old farmstead was purchased back by the grandson of the original owner, then transformed into a wildlife sanctuary for rhino and other rare antelopes. The overall atmosphere is one of tranquility in a lush green setting, perfect to simply be and unwind.

Waterberg Wilderness Lodge is the place to stay, where you have a choice between tent, cottage or house.


WWL hut

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